Never talk about feeling old to someone who is older than you. They hate that. In fact, avoid using the term “old” altogether.

“The Only Son”

“The Only Son” is a documentary that follows Pema, a young man, as he returns with his sisters to his family’s land in Dolpo—one of the most remote regions of Nepal.  Torn between his duties to his family and his desire to live a modern life, the documentary examines the universal difficulties of leaving one’s home.  For anyone that has immigrated, attended school in a faraway land, or moved to another city in search of a better life, this documentary will resonate with you.  And for anyone that has let someone go so that they could search for a better life, that beautiful pain will be felt too.  Some in the film embody arguments for a provincial and traditional life, while others represent the benefits of an exploratory and modern one.  The price paid for a new life is a steep one, but for some it is worth it.  The film also gives a great window into life in Nepal and will make you question how much you really need in life to be happy.  Available to watch for free on YouTube, this is a film I can’t stop thinking about.   


To break is easier that to build. What a miracle that so much exists at all.


The greatness of LeBron James is his ability to get up and do it again, day after day.


The reward for a job well-done is more work. Nothing wrong with that – just be wary of the jobs you take on.