The beauty of biographies, self-help books, and spiritual texts is not the knowledge or advice they provide, but the spark they ignite in you to examine your own existence.

Opt-Out, Don’t Tough Through

Billions of dollars are spent to steal my attention on devices, websites, and applications.

I likely don’t stand a chance. So better to opt-out then tough through.


It’s easy to feel trapped in your own negative conditioning—acting in impulsive, counterproductive ways and suffering in avoidable circumstances. Tempting it is to recondition yourself into “positive” ways of being, incorporating “better habits” with “more productive” ways of acting. This too is conditioning: the same mechanism that brought you suffering in the first place. Eliminating conditioning cannot happen by deconditioning yourself, as this is simply reconditioning by another name—a clever trick of the brain. Eliminating conditioning can only be done indirectly, through awareness of your conditioning, seeing it clearly for all it is, without trying to change it.


Beaches nourish us because they’re one of the few places we allow ourselves to be bored.

Three Options For Three Life Elements

With our situation, we have three options at any given time: accept it, change it, leave it.

With our bodies, we have three options at any given time: sit, stand, lie.

With our minds, we have three options at any given time: ego, self-awareness, emptiness.


The thought—”the world would be a better place if everyone thought like me”—is pretty flawed when you think about it.