The Destructive Nature Of Conflict

Where conflict exists, a desire exists to end that conflict. Energy is required to resolve such conflict, diverting presence away from what is happening, which causes the anxious splitting of awareness and creates conflict from the scattering of attention. And so the destructive cycle of conflict begins and continues.

George Washington

George Washington matters because he stepped down and relinquished his power, even though many wanted him to keep it.


When I really, really look at something, I don’t label, define, condemn, like, nor dislike. I just look.

9 to 5

If you actually work from 9 to 5, it’s amazing how much you can get done.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus is such an interesting TV show because it asks the question: If you’re unhappy in your day-to-day life, how can you expect to be happy on vacation?