20 Lessons I Learned In 2020

1. Challenging people in the wrong way entrenches their views.

2. I overestimate what I can do in a day and underestimate what I can do in a month. Days are endless, but months fly by.

3. Relationships are like plants. Nourish them and they grow, neglect them and they wither.

4. Storytelling is powerful. When used incorrectly, it is a weapon.

5. Accept every person exactly as they as are, without trying to change them. This is how people change.

6. Living proactively gains, living reactively drains.

7. Character is defined by a) what we do when no one is watching and b) how we treat those with less.

8. If I ask someone why something is done a certain way and the person responds, “well, it’s always been done this way,” then that something is ripe for change.

9. Anger is a fossil fuel. It’s easy to come by, but it doesn’t last, and it creates collateral damage.

10. Helping other people most helps the helper.

11. Love and compassion are far harder than hate and cynicism. Nurture love and compassion because it is fragile. 

12. I need far fewer things than I think. 90% of my possessions are in storage, and I have not thought about them at all.

13. My smartphone uses me and not the other way around.

14. Training my parasympathetic nervous system may be the most important thing I do for my body. 

15. A little exercise every day is better than an intense workout every week.

16. Stream of conscious writing, meditation, yoga, paced breathing, and swimming add time to my 24-hour days.

17. Public education is America’s great equalizer.

18. Humans are far more flexible and resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

19. What I resist, persists.

20. Life is other people.

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