Passive To Active

Relabeling the things we do from passive obligations to active choices can give us strength for the future.

Passive: “I can’t believe I spent an hour reading the news this morning when I only wanted to spend five minutes.”

Active: “I chose to spend an hour reading the news this morning.”

Passive: “My screen time is high but all these things popped up so I don’t think that’s a clear indication of my phone dependency.”

Active: “Times are hard. I chose to spend a lot of time on my phone.”

Passive: “This movie went too long, and there’s much work I have to do.”

Active: “Of all the things I could be doing, I’m choosing to watch this movie right now.”

Resisting bad decisions we’ve already made is futile. Reframing them as choices we made can empower us to make better decisions in the future.

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