The Limits Of Advice

Don’t ask others what they eat for breakfast or what they do for exercise or what their evening routine is. Figure out what you eat for breakfast, what you do for exercise, and what your evening routine is.

I love listening to advice interviews and enjoy asking people for advice on their routines and systems and life.

But all this advice is only helpful to the extent they help us form our own answers to these questions.

Asking and receiving advice gives us a small dopamine hit. “Wow, maybe I could try that. That’s a great idea.” And we feel good. And that feeling satiates the part of us that wanted to change. We end up staying the same, ignoring the advice.

What I think helps is understanding that we can never become anyone else. The best we can do is to respect the spirit of another. You couldn’t recreate your own life path exactly if you tried, let alone follow exactly in another’s footsteps. In this way, it’s impossible to follow anyone’s advice fully. This tension leads us to ignore advice completely.

We have to make the advice our own. Remix the recipe or exercise regimen, even slightly. It’ll stick more and create personal investment. And in this way we pay respect to those that gave the advice. We all know we can’t be anyone else but ourselves. We will always be more invested in something we create than something someone else created.

We can pay homage to what others do. We can’t copy paste.

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