Listen to one podcast, and learn something that will help your life.

Listen to hours of podcasts, and lose the ability to think for yourself and implement anything you learned.

A Good Life

You’re living a good life when the number of people you wish a “congratulations on graduating” increases each year.


Distractions harm us because we say no to the present moment.

Peace comes from saying yes to whatever is happening.


Accept every moment as if you chose it. Accepting this moment doesn’t mean condoning it.


Moments of vulnerability are fragile. When someone opens up, tend to them or risk the moment disappearing.

The Name Rule

When in a group of five, you have no more than five minutes to learn the names of those in the group. Understood differently, you have five minutes to get everyone around you to remember your name. Afterwards, no people ask for names out of fear that the they should have already known.

When in a group of 3, you have no more than three minutes to learn the names of the other people.

And so on.