We Are Irrational

Seeing another person with beliefs that are devoid of logic and reason is a beautiful thing.

It’s the best way of seeing that vast irrationality lives inside of you as well.

And this irrationality likely exists as a deeply held belief that you could not imagine is wrong.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is especially deadly because we cannot prove anything with confirming examples; induction will fail us. The proposition that all swans are white is not confirmed by seeing another white swan. Examples can never prove us correct, only wrong. While we ignore the one black swan out of the 1,000 we see, that one swan proves that our proposition was incorrect. We never confirm, only disprove.


Are you listening with a conclusion?

Are you listening with your knowledge?

Are you listening with your memories and experiences?

Are you listening with impatience?

Are you listening with a craving for an answer?

Or are you listening?

Clarity is the gap between what is said and your reaction to what is said.


We don’t accept that randomness plays a role in our success, only our failures.