One View

If you’ve ever uploaded a video, posted a song, wrote a blog post, or published a book and one person consumed it — that’s incredible.

There are billions of videos, songs, blogs, and books out there. That one person in that one moment chose your art over all other art that has ever existed.


There are so many songs that say to “just breathe.” Maybe they are on to something.

Advice to Wisdom

The author next to the advice or aphorism matters. “Be water, my friend” hits different when it comes from Bruce Lee than a random person. Embodying the words transforms a cliché into earned wisdom.

The Work

The best lessons from biopics come from the montages — the parts the movies fast forward through, the work.


There are few things worse than being described as envy-driven.


Those treated worst by their bosses will treat you worst when they’re your boss.